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1987: Dominique PLC is established offering Municipal Leases to our clientele.

1989: First Indian nation lease offering is placed.

1990: Lance Dominique travels to the Berlin wall which inspires what will become the company’s slogan “Eliminating Boundaries & Creating Opportunities with a Focused Approach”.

1991: Begins offering Federal Leases to our clients.

1992: Expands the range of lease investment products by offering Commercial Leases

1993: Leases are placed from all fifty states, Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands included.

1994: Computer software leases become common investments with our clients.

1995: The first Federal Lease is placed with our community bank clients involving a United States federal installation in the outside the USA.

1996: Bank client’s portfolios reach approximately ninety percent when investing in out of state lease offerings.

1998: Investors begin utilizing the internet to place their orders.

1999: Investors and underwriters benefit from the large equipment needs the new millennium brings with it.

2000: Clients investments in Federal Leases reach their highest level to date.

2001: Places its first Federal Lease with a community bank in United States involving a U.S. foreign installation in Europe.

2003: Investment by our clients in Commercial Leases eclipse that of Municipal Leases.

2005: Clients investments in energy savings and technology equipment related financings reach its highest level to date.

2006: Clients continue to benefit from investing in energy management systems. The DNA Community is established in order to formally pursue various social causes.

2007: Eatlessfeedmore.org is launched under the DNA Community.

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