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Sun Wind Water & Soil

Long before it was an investment trend, turning a positive contribution for the environment into a solid Municipal, Federal and Commercial Lease opportunity for our clients has been part of our part of our business model. Financing energy efficient lighting was the first type of equipment financed by our clients in the late 1980s. Since then, a wide array of equipment has been involved in our offerings.

In the recent past the price of a gallon of gas was not much higher than a gallon of milk. Then as we know, oil spiked up to all time highs before coming back down very fast. Simply put the world everything shuts down without oil. Oils applications are massive with transportation being only one area where it is used. In the medium term the United States and the world’s reliance on it will not change and its price will continue to rise and plateau to higher levels. The direction of this super tanker that is oil dependency is beginning to slowly shift. Whether it is bio - fuel, solar, wind turbines, wave technology, nuclear or some combination the world will be relying less on oil in the long term. So we will continue to make available to our investors lease financings involving energy efficient equipment that are based on sound investment fundamentals and deliver attractive tax-exempt and taxable returns.


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