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Socially Conscious Investing

We have learned a lot about a range of different businesses over the years. So creating lease opportunities that have a positive social impact while producing a solid Municipal, Federal and Commercial Leases for our investors is a natural fit. This is an extension of our business not an add-on to it. Some of the credits that our clients have successfully invested in where this combination has existed are with Veteran’s hospitals, Native American Indian Nations, charter schools and not for profit entities that serve the need of those with physical and mental special needs. Some of these lease investments involve energy efficient lighting systems and medical equipment used in disease research. So the added benefit of the type of equipment being financed multiplies the positive social impact of the investment. For example when our clients fund an equipment lease for Native American Indian nations this equipment helps their economies grow. Our first Indian Nation lease placement was in the late 1980s. Along with other benefits this means they are able to provide better health and education programs for their communities, while at the same time relying less on the government for assistance.

Doing the right thing tends to produce a positive result. Of course the bottom line for our investors has to be an investment in a sound lease offering. When we can integrate sound investing with having a positive social impact all parties truly benefit on a higher level.

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