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Labels Are For Clothes

Why Not? This is the question we ask and the driving force behind DNA when it works to create positive change for people with special physical and mental needs. Why do we not see more of these individuals in the work place and out in front and what can DNA do to make it more of a reality?

Our approach when addressing this area is a very straight forward grass roots approach and we believe the great thing about this approach is its simplicity. There should be more individuals with special needs given the opportunity to be out in front in the work place where their talent and the excellent examples they set can be shared with those who work in tandem with them.

What it takes for DNA to make progress in this area is primarily increasing our awareness for opportunities so people with special needs can get more of a chance to shine in the work place. In keeping with this philosophy, whenever possible Dominique PLC and DNA will continue to utilize the skills of people with special needs to help empower our organizations while encouraging other businesses to do the same. By planting the seed of possibility with companies and organizations we come in contact with, the inherent momentum of this cause can get things done. When we all stretch our minds in search of possibilities, it often opens our hearts in the process.

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