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Dollars to Food

Just as our efforts focus on a grass roots approach when working to address those with mental and physical special needs. DNA philosophy is similar when working for progress with the brutal reality of global hunger, specifically where the people of Africa are concerned. Whether it is the unrelenting climate in certain regions, misallocation of funds due to bureaucratic mismanagement, violence or in some cases genocide. The number of African children and adults without an adequate amount of food is staggering and inexcusable. Although there has certainly been a great deal of progress in addressing this issue over the years due to the efforts of so many. A large percentage of these people we never hear about but whose accomplishments in fighting hunger are far reaching and long lasting. Yet with all the effort and money that has been committed though the number of people dieing, of which so many are children is still beyond comprehension. Human beings should not have to suffer the indignity of having to swat flies from their mouth because they do not have enough strength to move as a result of starvation. More has to be done to rid the world of this reality that affects so many.

One of our goals are to utilize funds DNA raises from the marketing of merchandise that relates to our causes and use it to improve the quality of people’s lives in Africa. DNA has done the due diligence necessary to ensure that the funds are utilized specifically for the items and work that needs to be done. The people of Africa to need the world’s help and DNA has to do our part. To know is one thing, to feel so deeply that we are driven to action is what saves lives and needless suffering. For more information regarding what DNA is involved with to do our part, please go to eatlessfeedmore.org and join us.

Ph: (847) 842-4920
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