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The DNA Community

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DNA - the clue’s in the name

Making things happen that have a positive impact for social change is an area Dominique PLC needs to address. DNA is a social action arm of Dominique PLC and was established to accomplish just that by uniting people and resources. Sometimes our approach is quite stealth, while other times it requires drawing attention to an issue by sticking our nose into the fray to stir things up, often utilizing a grass roots approach to accomplish results. We have found that sometimes having a hard head is often as important as having a good heart when you are challenging the norm for social change. Unleashing our entrepreneurial energy and others to better the lives of people with physical and mental special needs is the main area where DNA focuses its efforts. There are certainly many other areas in the world that need attention, we intend on having a positive impact on those as well, like doing our part to draw more attention to help reduce the number of starving people in Africa.

No matter what area of the social sector DNA is working to improve. Part of our unwavering philosophy is that we create the shortest point between the funds raised and the people in need of them, so the greatest positive impact can be achieved. Whenever possible results will be measured and fed back to those who get involved. We always welcome outside feedback as to how we can do more. Awareness is the first step, but action is everything. So let us know how we can get more things done, put more smiles on the faces of those in need and dream out loud together.

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