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Client Reviews

First National Bank
"We have been working with Dominique & Associates on Municipal, Federal and Commercial Lease Obligations over the last few years and are very pleased with the service they provide us. They have been very responsive to our questions.

These leases are providing us with a very attractive returns. They have also been very easy to administer."

"This bank has enjoyed working with Dominique & Associates over the last two years. The Municipal, Federal and Commercial Lease Obligations we have bought from Dominique & Associates are producing excellent returns while requiring very little upkeep.

Moreover, we have had two examinations since we started buying leases for our portfolio and the leases were passed without any credit review problems."

Western Bank
"Our bank entered the lease/purchase arena this year to diversify and increase our loan portfolio. having no experience with anyone in the business, we sought recommendations from our peers. More than one recommended Dominique & Associates from whom we now purchase all of our leases."

State Bank
"State Bank has invested in various Municipal, Commercial and Federal Lease Obligations through Dominique & Associates. These leases have provided our bank with attractive returns for our portfolios. We have been very pleased with the service provided to our bank by Dominique & Associates. The administrative upkeep has been very manageable for a community bank of our size since most of it is done for us. Also, we have not had any issues with bank examiners regarding these leases."

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