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All Together Now

The act of donating money to well run social causes and organizations is certainly an effective way to help improve peoples lives. Great things have been accomplished as a result of people’s generosity. Our philosophy regarding raising funds revolves around our doing something to raise the money. Also, DNA wants to further increase the visibility of our causes thereby inspiring people to accomplish more with us or on their own. As individuals we are capable of incredible things, but when people come together major and long lasting change can occur.

So one of the things DNA will do is market items that address our causes. For example, when we think of a phrase that communicates our message and gives a voice to one of our causes we will put it on merchandise and sell it. By marketing these items for a profit we can then utilize the funds to provide supplies and services for those in need. Sometimes these phrases or statements might have a bit of an edge. Catchy phrases can sometimes get a point across and get people to take action. Although in some cases a direct statement will work even better. So our objective is two fold when marketing these items. First we want to get people to think more about the issues DNA is committed to improving. By increasing people’s awareness we hope to get more people involved in elevating the lives of people with special needs and issues relating to hunger in Africa.

Receiving recognition is not what DNA is about. Elevating the lives of those in need so they may have a brighter future is our passion. Whether it is addressing issues of people with special needs or the issue of hunger in Africa, DNA will always be a work in progress. So in order for us to achieve the best results we would like your input so we all can achieve more for these causes. When actions that elevate someone’s life are combined with something that makes you feel good, a world with endless possibilities can exist.

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