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Dominique PLC
Specializes in placing tax-exempt & taxable yielding Municipal, Federal & Commercial Lease Obligations with institutional and individual investors. First established in 1987, today Dominique PLC is the nation’s only firm specializing in placing these types of fixed income investments. We understand the importance of a focused approach and have always concentrated on what we do best: helping our clients diversify their fixed income portfolios utilizing Municipal, Federal and Commercial Leases in a number of different market conditions.

When considering investing in Municipal, Federal and Commercial Lease Obligations a number of factors will be important to you. These are likely to be trust, integrity an attractive range of lease obligations that can be accessed easily in a variety of ways. Fundamental to all this is people. It's what makes us an industry leader. And it's why our clients trust us to perform. By utilizing Dominique PLC Municipal, Federal and Commercial Lease investment program you will soon build a relationship with our firm.

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